Villa Kali Ma is a residential treatment center for women who suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. In our integrative sustainable recovery programs, our goal is to facilitate healing and transformation of women’s lives. In order to accomplish this goal, we guide women to look deeper, beyond the pain and fear, and uncover the truth of who they are. Learn more about how we help women heal.


Not all services will be conducted on-site. Some services require off-site travel. Clients will be scheduled for services according to availability.



Healing and Transformation

At Villa Kali Ma we believe that all one needs to do to completely transform their life is become aware of who they truly are. When we learn to treasure our own existence and forgive ourselves for our past mistakes, then we can truly be happy, joyous and free. Everyone is looking outside themselves for love, meaning, and purpose in their lives. They will only find it if they look within. Our soul, our spirit, lives in the heart. Once we connect with our hearts we can overcome all obstacles, reclaim our power and change our lives forever!

Sustainable Recovery Programs | Villa Kali Ma
Sustainable Recovery Programs | Villa Kali Ma

Positive Psychology

At Villa Kali Ma we use a positive approach to healing, focusing on and cultivating the positive emotions of Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Joy,  Hope, and Forgiveness. Positive emotions are outward focused and help us to connect to others. We believe that the opposite of addiction is connection. Healing happens when we reconnect to community, to family, to true friends, to mother nature, and to purpose and meaning in our lives.


Mindfulness Meditation

At Villa Kali Ma, we offer a truly empowering program of ancient spiritual principles and practices which have been proven to be powerful tools for healing and transformation for thousands of years. Our goal is to guide women through the process of sustainable recovery and help them develop a strong foundation on which to build a new way of life. Women will learn proven techniques and practices that reduce fear, anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk and encourage self-compassion, forgiveness, and discovery of the higher self within. All of our clinicians and staff are trained in mindfulness meditation, which is powerful in its ability to open the heart and rewire the brain. We create coherence by beginning every group and private therapy session with this relaxing, calming and centering practice.

Yoga Therapy

Studies have shown that the spiritual practices of yoga, meditation, deep relaxation and controlled breathing exercises can increase the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment programs by helping us to connect to a power greater than ourselves. Learn more about the proven benefits of yoga therapy and its natural healing techniques.

Asana and Pranayama

At Villa Kali Ma, you will be supported by teachers who have been where you are and have transformed their lives. Teachers will lead daily practices of meditation and Asana (physical yoga exercises), which will be modified to each person’s fitness level and ability. Pranayama, a yoga breathing exercise, calms the mind to create space for spiritual experience and will be part of our daily practice as well. This is a sustainable recovery and healing program of spiritual growth where you will be shown the pathway to self-realization and learn to truly love and value yourself. If you come with willingness and an open mind, this can be an amazing transformational experience.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


It was the best 30 days of my life.


Villa Kali Ma provides a holistic, supportive, therapeutic retreat for women to recover from trauma & substance disorders. The intensive and comprehensive approach provides a compassionate path of learning, awareness, and self-love for healing. I am grateful for the sacred space provided for my reflection, my mind-body-spirit work, and my opportunity to connect with other women in this process.


Villa Kali Ma changed my life in every single aspect. Not only did the experience help me get sober and stay sober for over a year now, but I was finally able to work on my past trauma in a safe and stable environment. Not a day goes by that I’m not using a healthy tool they taught me. I am forever grateful to the staff and strong women I spent my time with there. Truly the most profound life changing month of my life.


Villa Kali Ma is an in-network provider with Anthem BCBS, Multiplan, First Health, Healthnet, and currently accepts most
PPO plans with out-of-network benefits. Call (760) 814-8214 for information on cost and payment options.