Villa Kali Ma offers recovery for women who suffer from substance abuse, mental health disorders, and trauma. In our integrative sustainable treatment programs, we bring deep healing and transformation to women’s lives.

Our signature approach to healing is to use paths from East and West to guide women to look further within, beyond their biggest pain and fear, to discover the wonderful truth of who they are in their true essence and nature.

We won’t claim it’s an easy road, but it is a worthy one. What we offer women is reliable guidance from start to finish. We hope you will join us on this journey of joy, healing, and self-discovery.

Villa Kali Ma’s Holistic Residential Treatment Center for Women

Holistic Residential Treatment for Women in CaliforniaVilla Kali Ma offers full spectrum coverage to address any addiction recovery needs a woman has. We also address co-occurring disorders and provide treatment for trauma.

Most people with addiction are recommended to attend inpatient treatment if possible, as this is the safest, most secure, and most comfortable way to transition from a life dependent on substances to living as a clean and sober woman in the world.

Residential treatment is favored where possible because it provides a protected environment in which you are insulated from any opportunities to relapse.

Residential treatment is frequently preceded by medically supervised detox to help a person through the withdrawal process safely, and followed by a less structured level of care, called Intensive Outpatient. Villa Kali Ma has treatment options for all levels of care: detox, inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization.

The Villa: Our Residential Treatment Facility

Our residential treatment program is located at the Villa, our specialized center for women located in the hills of Carlsbad, north of San Diego. Our sunny Villa sits on an acre of land and provides a safe, peaceful environment for your inpatient recovery journey.

The Villa has a relaxed, home-like environment and offers beautiful rooms with comfy beds and luxury linens. You can also enjoy the pool, gardens, and meditation rooms during free hours. Two of our rooms provide views of the ocean, and one has a private patio leading to the garden and meditation labyrinth.

The Villa reflects our understanding of the need for peace, comfort, safety, and harmony in your environment so that you can feel fully free to focus on your recovery story and path to freedom.

A Residential Treatment Center for Women; A Peaceful Environment for Recovery

What Are Some Components of Villa Kali Ma’s Holistic Residential Treatment Program for Women?

The needs of the body and the powerful body-mind connection are nourished at Villa Kali Ma in abundance. We provide chances to heal through massage, yoga, acupuncture, Ayurveda, breath work, mindfulness training, gardening and outdoor therapy.

Heal Your Thoughts, Habits and Emotions

We offer the best approaches known by clinicians to be most effective for women to recover from addiction and mental health problems, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These approaches are the best in the field for changing thoughts, feeling better, and making different choices in your life.

Heal Your Trauma

During your stay at Villa Kali Ma, you will also have options for addressing underlying traumatization, through trauma-specific therapies like EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. Trauma is believed by more and more people in the field of recovery to be the secret ingredient that drives addiction and mental illness. It certainly makes life more livable and joyful when trauma can at last be resolved.

Heal Your Body and Spirit

The needs of the body and the powerful body-mind connection are nourished at Villa Kali Ma in abundance. We provide chances to heal through massage, yoga, acupuncture, Ayurveda, breath work, mindfulness training, gardening and outdoor therapy.

Heal Your Place in the Community

Finally, there is a strong community component to a stay at Villa Kali Ma. You will be reconnected to find your place in connection to others, by way of linking up with a community of women centered on positive living.

What Does Villa Kali Ma’s Residential Treatment Program Provide?

Villa Kali Ma provides evidence-based and holistic healing treatment modalities that help you learn the skills and mindsets that change destructive thoughts and behaviors from within. This means that you learn to take charge of your inner world so that you can more easily choose to live in states of peace, self-love, and well-being.

A Safe Location

The residential program provides a safe, comfortable location away from home, in which you can focus on recovering first and foremost. This protection and removal from your place of suffering is a key part of all residential treatment programs and is why they are recommended to give you a chance to get back on good footing.

A Structured Program of Healing

Within our safe, harmonious location, we provide deeply effective treatment programming in a structured, supportive schedule. Our core program guides you through the ordered steps of establishing firm foundations for a life in recovery.
Individual treatment sessions and daily groups help you understand yourself more compassionately, while also coaching you in new life skills. You will also use your time with us to make a realistic, reliable plan of attack for how you will return to your life successfully after stabilizing and strengthening with us.

Holistic Modalities

Woven throughout this core treatment programming structure is a rich array of holistic offerings, including mindfulness, breath work, massage, shamanic journeying, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, outdoor therapies, and creative arts groups and activities.
You will have the chance to explore your personal feelings about the meaning of your life and to develop your spiritual side if desired, as a resource for living peacefully in alignment with your core nature and values.


You will also form bonds of connection at the community level with other recovering women both in and outside of the residential treatment program, through introduction to the recovery community through 12 Step and/or other community-based self-organized groups.

What to Expect at Our Residential Treatment Program for Women?

Holistic Residential Treatment for Women in California

At Villa Kali Ma, we maintain a “whole person, whole life” philosophy. Rather than seeing a woman only in terms of her addiction or her symptoms, we see her in her wholeness first and foremost.

This means that we address multiple sides of her nature, taking perspectives that range from physiological, nutritional, and lifestyle-based approaches, to emotional, psychological, and cognitive work, to understanding a woman in the context of her relationships and work in the world.

You can expect us to work closely with you to create a unique and personalized plan of treatment designed to help you transform, heal, and recover fully to the best you can be.

You can expect us to partner with you, work hard to understand you, challenge you when you want to give up or sabotage yourself, be kind to you at all times, and give you practical help for living the life that you want to live. We will see the best in you, remember your potential, help you be kinder to yourself about what you’re struggling with, and empower you with tools that work for life.

What Services Are Included in Villa Kali Ma’s Residential Treatment Program for Women?

Villa Kali Ma’s residential treatment program includes:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy, including Dialectical behavior therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, and Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal family systems therapy (IFS, also known as Parts Work), and Somatic Experiencing (SE)
  • Yoga, Mindfulness, Acupuncture, Breath Work, Massage, Ayurveda, lifestyle coaching, and more
  • Community Recovery Programs, including 12-Step, SMART, and Refuge Recovery

We offer these and many more therapy models as a part of our full continuum of care.

What Conditions Can Be Treated at Villa Kali Ma’s Residential Treatment Program for Women?

Villa Kali Ma’s residential treatment facility provides addiction treatment for substance disorders as well as for co-occurring disorders and trauma.

Treatment for Substance Addictions

Our substance abuse treatment program helps women recover from addiction to any substance, including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, cannabis, opioids (prescription painkillers like OxyContin and Fentanyl), and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, etc).

Treatment for Mental Health

We are also equipped to address any co-occurring mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or ADHD. Many times, women suffer from mental health struggles as well as addiction.

Treatment for Trauma

We have a comprehensive program in place for the treatment of trauma, as well, which includes evidence-based practices like EMDR and Parts Work.
Many women with substance use problems are self-medicating because of trauma, and using substances also tends to lead women into situations where further traumatization takes place.
Villa Kali Ma has solutions for whatever kind of trouble a woman is facing, that impairs her ability to be well and happy in her being.

Villa Kali Ma Residential Treatment Center for Women in Carlsbad, California

holistic recovery programs at villa kali maAt Villa Kali Ma, we believe that every woman deserves the chance to restore herself to a life of freedom and flourishing.

Villa Kali Ma’s residential treatment center offers a unique, holistic program designed especially for women. We understand the hearts and minds of women. We are staffed with experts in many modalities from East and West, and we teach reliable, tried, and true paths for women to live in health and joy.

Villa Kali Ma’s residential treatment program is a place where our clients can relax fully into the serenity that comes with healing. Our residential program offers a full spectrum of cutting-edge treatments and holistic modalities while providing the comfort of a retreat-like, harmonious setting.

Are you using substances to numb your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

Do you drink alcohol or take prescription pills just to cope with daily life?

Is your life becoming unmanageable and the substances no longer work?

Do you want to wake up everyday feeling happy and grateful to be alive?

Are you ready to transform your life and heal your mind, body and soul?

equine therapy women with horse

I don't believe it to be an exaggeration to say that Villa Kali Ma saved my life.
I couldn't have asked for a better environment to heal and redirect onto a path towards true living.


This place completely changed my life. I needed a drastic change from the typical recovery environment in order to stay sober long-term. I can honestly say that I love who I am today and I am forever grateful for Villa Kali Ma!


I am so grateful I found Villa Kali Ma, it has truly changed my life. Kay is awesome and the entire team who works there is absolutely amazing. If you need treatment, I highly recommend making this the start to your recovery.


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