Trauma Informed Therapy

At Villa Kali Ma, we understand that substance abuse treatment isn’t just about learning how to live without drugs and alcohol; it is also about healing the wounded parts of you that led you to use and abuse substances in the first place. Trauma informed therapy is incorporated into our clients’ treatment plan from day one; our clinical team members work with each woman individually to explore the best trauma informed therapy for her personalized healing process. Our clients’ trauma work is incorporated into their individual, group, and family therapy. Additional exploration options are offered through more trauma-intensive therapies such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Trauma Release Exercises, and an array of holistic healing modalities. By healing and working through trauma, the women at Villa Kali Ma can better control their substance use and embody the resiliency and empowerment that comes with bringing light into the darkest areas of their past.

I don't believe it to be an exaggeration to say that Villa Kali Ma saved my life.
I couldn't have asked for a better environment to heal and redirect onto a path towards true living.


This place completely changed my life. I needed a drastic change from the typical recovery environment in order to stay sober long-term. I can honestly say that I love who I am today and I am forever grateful for Villa Kali Ma!


I am so grateful I found Villa Kali Ma, it has truly changed my life. Kay is awesome and the entire team who works there is absolutely amazing. If you need treatment, I highly recommend making this the start to your recovery.


Villa Kali Ma is an in-network provider with Anthem BCBS, Multiplan, First Health, and an authorized
out-of-network provider with TRICARE accepting most PPO plans or out-of-network benefits.
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