Therapeutic Journaling Techniques for Goal Setting


Often, women in our program have expressed that they have tried therapeutic journaling techniques in the past, but never stuck with it, adding that they did not know what to write about and it seemed forced. In our program, we introduce the notion that therapeutic journaling techniques are not just a tool for self-expression, it is also a powerful method of vibrant growth, transformation, and profound healing.

In this group, you will be encouraged to allow yourself some scared time for creative expression where you can aid your conscious and subconscious mind to a more relaxed state, releasing any thoughts or emotions that may be suppressed or neglected. Tips for creating effective therapeutic journaling techniques are discussed within the group includes (but is not limited to):

    • Journal in a calm environment, minimize distractions and anticipate reasons you may need to get up and walk away from your journaling, plan for this (go to the bathroom first, have water/tea/coffee with you, a snack, some music, a blanket or sweatshirt).
    • Listen to soothing instrumental/meditation music (without words is usually best).
    • Set a timer for the desired time to spend journaling and even schedule it in your planner.
    • Be creative, no need to limit yourself to words, you can also draw/doodle/collage, but try to direct your work to reflect your thoughts and feelings in that moment.
    • Start with guided journaling prompts.

Our therapeutic journaling techniques program will also help assist in creating a roadmap for you to set and achieve attainable goals. Many women come in with “dreams” that they feel are unattainable and farfetched. This group helps you to make your dreams into reality by setting clear goals and creating a roadmap for how to get there. The group leader will invite you to visualize the outcome of your dreams through guided healing meditations, creating a picture of yourself as if you have already achieved your goals.

Being able to feel the sensations, emotions, success, and fulfillment associated with these accomplishments makes them more real in your mind’s eye and you are more likely to motivate yourself to work towards them. Some tips shared for goal setting includes (but is not limited to):

    • Plan your week (Sunday night).
    • Set an overarching focus for the week and each day.
    • Create a prioritized to-do list.
    • Identify barriers and plan for them.
    • Check in every morning with your focus, goals, and to-do list for the day.
    • Check in every night by assessing your progress and adjusting accordingly for the following day.

In our therapeutic journaling techniques and goal setting, we will discuss, explore, and practice these skills together and for homework. Some therapeutic journaling techniques and prompts will be provided to assist you in either starting or maintaining your current therapeutic journaling techniques and skills to ensure that upon discharge you feel ready to continue working towards your goals and are spending sufficient time reflecting on your thoughts and emotions to “check in” with yourself.


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