Earthing is about connecting to the Earth’s electromagnetic field and soaking in the Earth’s natural healing energy. This nature-based therapy involves spending mindful time outside in nature, preferably barefoot, while making a connection with the ground and Earth beneath you. It is really that simple; by spending time breathing in fresh air, being exposed to sun and moon light, being near trees, plants, animals, insects, and natural sources of water you are assisting your body in healing, grounding techniques, and returning to a level of homeostasis and balance.

a-woman-outside-surrounded-by-sunflowersThe Healing Benefits of Earthing

Think about all the synthetic materials that we as humans come in contact with every day; clothing, shoes, makeup, body products, furniture, towels, bed linens, laminate flooring/carpet/tile, machines, cell phones/tablets/computers. The list goes on and on and this does not even include the things that we eat/drink/ingest. Most, if not all, of these materials are factory made and are full of synthetic chemicals that are not found in nature, and therefore, are foreign to our bodies.

Being in constant contact with these materials can send our bodies out of whack and we absorb their electrostatic charges and free radicals through their direct contact with our skin, which is our largest, most exposed organ. This leads our bodies to build up unhealthy levels of these chemicals and free radicals, (highly reactive atoms, molecules or ions that have unpaired electrons), which are directly linked to increased inflammation.

Consequently, inflammation is linked to weakened immune health, and increases our chances of illness including, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune dysfunction, premature aging, mental health imbalance, and faster cognitive decline. The good news is, the synthetic chemicals and free radicals that build up in our bodies throughout long-term exposure to these unnatural materials are positively charged, and the surface of the Earth is inherently negatively charged.

Therefore, by connecting with the Earth we can counteract the negative effects of the high levels of free radicals and harmful chemicals in our bodies and return balance and health to our minds and bodies. Basically, we as humans have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth, and we are meant to be a part of, rather than separate from, nature. In grounding techniques and Earthing therapy, we first and foremost spend time outside. Everyone is encouraged to go barefoot and connect with the Earth directly.

If the weather permits, we wear short sleeves and/or shorts; allowing our skin to absorb the healing energy of the Earth, sun, and moon more directly. While soaking up Earth’s goodness we as a group will discuss and explore some of the Earth’s natural healing properties such as air, water, sun, plants, herbs, flowers, trees, crystals, essential oils, and our connection to animals and other humans.

We will explore our own biological constitutions using Ayurveda, the ancient Indian “Science of Life” principles of balancing the elements to achieve and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We will take part in meditation and reflection through various guided activities and exercises and gain a whole new outlook on how to live in harmony and balance using the natural resources of the Earth to heal and transform our lives.


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