How Nature Can Help You Heal: 7 Ways

By April 1, 2022July 31st, 2023Wellness
How Nature can Help You Heal

Nature is good for the mind, body, and soul. When we let ourselves have free time in nature, we enjoy more equilibrium, health, and peace of mind. 

Nature can also help us heal our biggest psychological wounds, the core areas of our identity that feel broken and hurt. The parts of us that feel too painful to touch, that maybe feel like they never seem to get any better – nature can help with these.  

When we look to nature as a mirror of what we are in our core essence, as well – nature made us, after all – we can find supportive examples, lessons, and metaphors that help us pick our way along the path back to emotional wholeness.  

The Wound We All Have

There is a wound that all humans have, regardless of the timbre of our suffering, and this wound is the mother of all lesser wounds. You can call this wound “disconnection”. 

The wound we all have is the one of feeling ourselves too separate, too cut off from the rest of life, sealed into our own experiences without the warmth of spirit. The wound of feeling, as a result of that separation, alone, lonely, and undernourished in soul. 

We may mask this experience from ourselves, but in times without distraction, without substances or entertainment – in those times when there is no one else around upon whom we can project our inner dramas – we come to know the pain of the wound we all have.

How Nature Can Help You Heal the Wound We All Have

Nature can help us heal the wound we all have. Here are 7 ways nature does that, through dispelling the lie that we are what the ego says we are. 

1. Nature shows us our Right Size

When we spend time in nature, we see that we are neither too small nor too large. We are not the biggest thing, nor are we the smallest thing around. We have to be mindful of smaller organisms, and yet we are also, ourselves, affected by the circumstances. This Right Size mirroring is helpful for us – and a reflection of the truth. We are not everything (what the puffed up ego says), nor nothing (what the deflated ego says), but actually, we are something. 

2. Nature shows us we are Universal and Unique

Nature shows us that we are original, and also that we are one of many, many other equally perfect beings. No leaf, no blade of grass, no crystal is exactly the same as another, nor is there a concept of better or worse that makes any sense at all. There is room for infinite variation on any theme. At the same time, fractal repetition in the basic design of our lives, a pattern across universes. The electron clouds inside of our bodies look just like stars. 

3. Nature shows us We Belong

I know that some people look at nature as a race to the top, predator eats prey. What I see in nature is a very inclusive family. An awe-inspiring diversity of beings serve no particular purpose, except to be what they are by nature, and they are loved so, it seems to me. There can be goshawks, and there can also be sparrow hawks, similar but not the same. Nature has room for all of us. Whatever you are, you belong. 

4. Nature shows us Timing and Cycles

Nature has soothing rhythms, promises it keeps every year, every morning no matter what. It is ok to be composted when something has bloomed and faded. Within the time signature of nature’s music, change is constant, and it is good that it is. The world is never still. 

5. Nature teaches us Balance with the All

Although there is room for all of us, no one is allowed to take over the whole ecosystem, or else suffer the consequences of being out of balance. We are allowed to flourish, to have enough, but we are not allowed to have it all.

6. Nature shows us our Mystery

We are part of something ineffable. Each of us is embedded in a jaw-dropping mystery, infinite and everywhere. If we pay attention, we will know that we ourselves are limitless and unknown, made of the same substance. Full of surprises, genius, beauty and delight. 

7. Nature teaches us about Soul Gifts

Each animal has a kind of specificity for which it is outfitted. Birds are made to sing, beavers are made to build. What are you made for? There’s a reason you are just how you are – your truest soul gift fits you perfectly into the bigger landscape, and makes sense of your presence here with us.

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