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The Four Paths of Yoga

The Four Paths of Yoga

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Even though we frequently fall for the illusion that happiness comes from outside of us, the truth is, that happiness is generated by our own perception.
How we choose to think about experiences we are having vastly impacts how we feel about those same events. At subtler levels, tiny perceptual impressions, interpretations, decisions, and conclusions we reached in formative moments of our lives give rise to qualities of experience now.

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make a plan of action, make a schedule, and carry a list that can help you stay sober.

Sober Summer Tips

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As we wind down the summer and look forward into the holidays, we can see we’re heading into a season of gatherings.
Office parties, family fêtes, holiday get togethers, old friends and group dynamics can all be rough to tolerate when we’re first stabilizing our lives. How can we keep our commitments to sobriety in the face of so many social events and festivities?

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Heal yourself of soul sickness.

Unburdening: Parts Work and the Internal Family Systems Model of Healing

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Internal Family Systems Therapy, also called Parts Work and IFS for short, is gaining widespread popularity in addictions and mental health treatment. IFS is on the rise, not only because it has earned a spot on the list of the so-called “evidence-based” approaches favored by regulators, which always gives a healing modality a boost in visibility, but because it’s intuitively appealing and even, sometimes, fun.

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