Somatic Manifestation: Exercise to Help Manifestation Wishes Come True

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Somatic Manifestation- Exercise to Help Manifestation Wishes Come True

One of the challenges of learning to cocreate, or manifest, is helping ourselves get ahold of the right kind of energy and vibration about a wish we have. For things to really flow to us easily, we often need to upshift from unhappy feelings of non-fulfillment towards happier, brighter sensations of satisfaction, enoughness, and completion.

The following exercise for shifting vibes in service of manifestation draws inspiration from Peter Levine’s profoundly useful somatic exercise, Recalling Being Yourself.

May it be fruitful and nourishing for you on your healing journey!

Step One: Wish of the Day

What is Your Wish of the Day?

Set a timer for 7 minutes and let yourself free-write about all the things you want. Your wants can come in any form, in terms of inner experiences or outer manifestations, doesn’t matter.

All My Wishes for Today

I want peace of mind.
I want to feel like my life has significance.
I want a bicycle with a basket in front.
I want…

After the 7 minutes have concluded, reread your wants, underlining and highlighting anything that seems important. Pay attention to any redundancies, or places in your writing where it seems like there’s an exceptional amount of energy, desire, or conflict.

Now select 3 things from all that you have written, that you most especially want, today, and write them out.

Top 3 Wishes of Today

I most especially want to heal my abandonment wound
I most especially want to find good creative collaborators, a trusted crew
I most especially want to love myself more fully and unconditionally

Of these 3 top wishes, you choose one to focus on, knowing that you can come back and repeat this process for any of your other wishes.

Wish of the Day

Today I most especially want…

Step Two: Recall or Imagine Wish Fulfillment

Anchor Your Image of Wish FulfillmentThe second part of this process is all imagination, no writing. Set a timer for 7 minutes, during which you will do the following process in your inner vision, with your eyes closed, using your powers of memory and pretend. Read through the whole section before you start.

Begin by getting your body into a comfortable position, seated or lying down. Focus first and foremost on creating sensations of basic comfort and safety. Place your hands on your body in a way that amplifies soothing and ease. Seeking physical comfiness in moments of self-connection is an important part of self-love.

Allow your body to breathe naturally on its own, while you observe, just sitting or reclining in your comfortable state.

As you observe yourself softly, gradually let your outbreath lengthen, perhaps following a pattern like this: breath in for 4 counts, breathe out for 6 counts. Or whatever fits you today.

The lengthening of the outbreath allows you to ease into the liminal, or in-between zone, in which manifestation, healing, and energetic medicine are best facilitated.

Once you have stabilized a little in your physical experience, focus on your selected wish for a moment.

Today I most especially wish…

As your wish is in your focus, allow yourself to summon up a memory or a fantasy of a time when for whatever reason, the desire expressed in this wish was/is already the case.

Whatever you glimpse on, as you catch hold of this memory or image, allow it to become bigger and juicier, and see if you can let recalled or invented sense details draw you in. Stay with the image until your timer goes off.

Open your eyes, breathe and stretch, ground into this now moment, and prepare yourself to move onto the next step.

Step Three: Anchor Your Image of Wish Fulfillment

Recall or Imagine Wish Fulfillment

The final step of this process is to create a visual anchor that captures this experience for you to be easily reminded of it.

Draw a quick sketch that captures the essence of the image you saw. It’s ok to use stick figures, but do attempt to make a picture (rather than words only) because the image-making part of your brain helps with manifestation very much.

The purpose is not art per se, rather it is to help your psyche solidify this experience. Remember this is only for your own self-healing purposes, not to please anyone or be pretty

When you have completed your image, find a place on the front or the back of the image to set an intention or prayer, to your Highest Self or Higher Power, to indicate that you want to strengthen and move in this direction even more in your life. Such as:

More of this please, thank you Source

Place your image with its prayer or intention somewhere that you can see it, and leave it up for 21 days before you remove it out of sight.

May all your truest deepest wishes come true, friend! Thanks for reading.

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