Co-Occurring Disorders


Co-occurring Disorders: PTSD and Alcoholism

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Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very serious, painful condition that can develop when we are exposed to something too intense for the human psyche.

As the name indicates, PTSD develops after going through an incident or series of extremely stressful incidents. PTSD is commonly diagnosed alongside alcoholism and other substance addictions as a co-occurring disorder.

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Co-occurring Disorders: Trauma and Anxiety

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The word trauma is used a lot these days! Well, good.

Why is that good? Because trauma is the elephant in the room. Trauma is what underlies all the things that are truly hard about human life.

Trauma is why people treat each other badly. Trauma is why people become addicts, and why the ego defense mechanisms we all have, and through which we hurt each other every day, are necessary in the first place. Trauma creates psychopaths, victimizers, and victims.

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