Body Knows Best

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Spotlight on Body

The body is the most basic, primary, and important aspect of our human experience. In order to have the human experience, we must be in a human body.

Is that statement obvious, or startling? Maybe it’s both? 

When the body expires, we are no longer here in this plane. It’s possible we go somewhere else, but we are definitely no longer here in the way we were before. 

Body is our life. Without body, there is no human life. Loving body, we thrive.   

Loving Body

The “body knows best” mindset is a powerful one. It can help women to feel more confident, happy, and empowered. If you are a woman who is struggling with your body image, I encourage you to adopt this mindset. It may just be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

It’s important to love, recognize, and value our bodies. If we take care of our bodies, they take care of us.

When we love the body, the body shifts into a state of happiness and satisfaction. Body is like a sweet animal, a pet. When we give it love, attention, affection, and take care of it, that happiness and well-being is visible. We see how much body likes to be nourished, stroked, and recognized. 

Body needs to be resourced. When we give it what it needs, it blooms and grows. Body becomes a path for us bringing our best and highest gifts into the world. We can truly help and be in genuine service to all of humanity only when body is sufficiently supported.  

Loving our own Bodies helps other Bodies

When our bodies are happy, that’s when we best support happiness and well-being in the bodies of others. 

This is because bodies are always in communication with each other, like a flock of birds in formation. We co-regulate, align, and attune whether we realize it or don’t. 

With or without our conscious awareness, body radiates nervous system information through subtle variations in breath, muscle tension, posture, and gaze.

Body communicates safety or unease, happiness or unhappiness, and complications to these. Angry but not safe to show it, happy but feeling guilty about that happiness, and on and on in many variations. 

Whatever we communicate, it will have a strong bearing on what other people feel in their bodies, too. 

All Bodies are Linked

We are collective beings, as isolated and unique as we also are. Truly, our well-being cannot be fully separated from that of the others. 

We all know what a happy body feels like from within. We also all know what a happy body looks like from the outside. 

When we see people after they come back from vacation, after they’ve had a satisfying creative experience, or when they’ve fallen in love, we sense it immediately. Happiness registers as deeper, fuller breaths, a more open posture and gaze. We see a soft face, bright energy, a lighter feeling all around.

We feel another person’s vibrations in our own bodies, emanating towards us like light given off by a powerful star. Other people’s peace warms us like rays of the sun. So anytime someone prioritizes harmony, practices love, and learns the disciplines of alignment to Source, this is a benefit for us all.

We all know what it looks and feels like when someone isn’t ok, too. When others are not ok, we also tend to start to feel not ok, whether because we let their suffering in or because we start to block and defend against them. 

There is no way out of this inherent unity with all.

Get to Know Your Home Base Body

To be more mindful of what we share with the collective, we can start by noticing what our own home base body is. How do we normally breathe, where do we place our gaze, how do we stand, what do we do with our hands?

How open or closed is our core? Do we have any chronic, habitual ways of holding ourselves, our facial muscles, eye movements, chin angle?

How does our home base body shift, subtly or not so subtly, when happy, sad, triggered, or irritated? What happens to our voice, our breath, the amount of space we take up in the room?

Look for how your body relates to space and the presence of other bodies. Home base isn’t good or bad, it’s just you, your wonderful self. 

Subtle Shifts to Our Body Vibrations

We can begin to shift and change our body vibrations, once we understand more about what we are radiating out to the world. 

We can learn from others. If someone you know seems happy and relaxed, notice what their body is doing to create, express, hold and convey happiness and relaxation. 

Try doing the same thing with your body too, and see what it does. You can find your way in this way, a fake-it-’til-you-make-it road to body happiness and relaxation. It’s one way into well-being that we have available to us.

Let the body go first, into a space, into a posture, a stance. Into happiness, peace, connection, and alignment to Source. Body knows best. 

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