Women’s Health Awareness Month

By March 4, 2024June 25th, 2024Women’s Health Awareness Month
awareness month for womens

A Month for Celebrating Women’s Health

This March, let’s celebrate women’s health. We at Villa Kali Ma extend to you all an invitation to contemplate what we feel health is, and how we value the health of our sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends.

What is women’s health? And what is women’s health in the context of addiction, madness, and trauma, those troubles that bear down on women’s souls so painfully? These are questions to ponder this month, as we consider how to protect and support the health of women everywhere.

What Does Women’s Health Mean to You?

When I think of women’s health, I think of how my sisters looked when they were pregnant. The phrase that comes to my lips is “They glowed”. They were like lanterns, bulbs of warm light, suffused with soft incandescence. They were extra beautiful!

When people say pregnant women are beautiful, in my opinion, it’s because pregnant women are so full of life and vitality that they beam out of every pore. The glow that’s in all of us living beings is turned up to the max, in a way that is hard to miss. Women’s health is beautiful.

True health flows in a woman’s being the way life exists or withers in an ecosystem, such as an alpine forest or a river valley. Health means aliveness, being flush with the flow of the life force. When life energy flows unobstructed, thriving vitality is evident everywhere, and a place feels, looks, and fairly sings of healthy energy. So too in our portion of nature, the bodies we are.

When there are poisons, blocks to the natural flow, burdens of toxicity, or stagnation placed upon our life force, health suffers in one way or another. Harmed ecosystems can be restored by removing poisons and obstructions to life’s energetic flows. It is the same with women’s bodies.

How Can We Celebrate Women’s Health Holistically this March?

celebrating women's healthAt Villa Kali Ma, we relate to health as holistic, which means that it is about a kind of wholeness, or unity of being, a symphonic coordination of parts in harmony. This is in contrast with what might be called an overly compartmentalized approach, which treats health as existing in different chambers of being, without many connecting passageways.

In the West, as everyone knows, we tend to focus on the body as the site of health, which makes sense of course, since that’s where symptoms manifest most visibly. When the body fails, we are forced to change our ways.

There is chemistry and materiality to health, but in Villa Kali Ma’s opinion, health isn’t contained within chemistry and materiality. Rather it is more the way that Verdi’s beautiful arias are transmitted by, but not exactly contained within, a tenor’s throat. All we can ever be are vessels of the spirit of health. We can invite health in, or we can shut it out, through our thoughts, actions, emotional habits, and choices.

These beautiful, complex living organisms, our bodies, are only the outermost manifestations, material evidence of what lies deep within the secret hearts of our true natures. We can be in the flow and expression of great blooms of other kinds of wellness, too: emotional health, mental health, relationship health, spiritual health, and even creative health. When we are healthy at all levels and layers, we are happy.

Cultivate Women’s Health in Your Sphere this March 2024

At Villa Kali Ma, we humbly endeavor to teach women what we know about how to live in harmony with what the life force within asks of us to thrive, and therefore be happy at last. We specialize in how women can free themselves from addiction, madness, and the life-force-stopping patterns of trauma.

More than that, we show the path to living as the spirit of natural health inside us directs us. What health likes, what it doesn’t like.

What do you know about your health and what it like or don’t like? Here are some things we’ve observed that might or might not fit for you: women’s health like movement, connection, transformation, fluidity, and other things that are alive. Women’s health like authenticity, freedom, expression, and love. Women’s health like individuality, with each of us having our unique nature. Women’s health also loves bonds of unification, connection, and sharing.

Knowing what we know, we at Villa Kali Ma share how it is that each woman can live in harmony from within her personal experience, to connect directly with the spirit of health inside her. So she can bring more health to the surface of the world, and share it also with other women.

To learn how to let health fill us up to the brim, we need to change a lot. Each facet of a woman’s diamond-like nature has a role to play in the symphony of health. Our thoughts must be tuned to the high frequencies of health. Our emotions must flow the joyful, loving tones of health. The compass of our intention must be aligned to the north star of health.

Our creative, generative, working spirit must be devoted to birthing forms and structures that resound health. We must eat and drink health, laugh and play, and breathe health. We must love the health of others with our healthy hearts.

Villa Kali Ma Shows Women the Way to Health

national women's health weekHow would you recognize a healthy woman if you saw one? What would a healthy woman look like, how would she feel? How would her presence in the room impact you? How might such a woman speak, emote, and connect with you? How would you recognize it, if the spirit of health surged to the surface in the collective body of all of all women, everywhere?

Placing my awareness on the topic of women’s thriving helps me appreciate the health of women, and makes me want to help us be as healthy as we can. As for those burdens that sit heavy on the hearts, minds, and bodies of women, I want to help dispel them.

Because women are important. When we bloom, we bring joy, radiance, and support to this world. We are soft strength, enduring power, unbreakable yielding. Just as children bring a fully unpredictable and specific joy when they are free to be their child nature, women bring a special gift to this world when we are free and well enough to bring our womanhood, too. A healthy woman, who brims with the songs of life’s wholeness, is a gift to all.

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