The You in Unity

By October 15, 2022July 31st, 2023Spirituality
The You in Unity

The Paradox of Human Life

The paradox of human life is the fact that although we are all one, we are also unique. 

You could also say the opposite – although we are all unique, we are all one. As someone close to me used to say, “we’re all one, and we’re all alone”. 

What better way to understand the spectrum of human life than to realize that we are both completely lonely and completely unified? 

Separate and Connected at the Same Time

Here in our embodied human experiences, we are the most isolated we have ever been, alone inside our own skins. Even so, this lonely part is embedded in gradually more unified rings and circles of consciousness, until at some point we are at the heart of all creation, as one big oneness. It’s all a question of focus, of where we place our attention.

The question is, where are we focused now, and is that all right? Are we supposed to be somewhere else, or exactly right here? Sometimes spiritual practices could lead us to imagine maybe we are supposed to be less here, more somewhere else. More in our unity, less in our singleness.

I don’t know about you, but my goal is to be both as much as I can. Completely myself, and not any less of that, but also completely connected to all. Separate and connected, in the same breath. Is this possible? 

The Limits of Comparison

When we love ourselves and our experiences of the divine just as they actually are, not in opposition to what anyone else experiences, but in addition to, we are in the right mindset, of adding pieces together to get the whole. Each of us is an utterly unique puzzle piece of the whole picture, without which the oneness is not complete. 

So interestingly, the path into unity consciousness involves loving our individuality. Really leaning into the wonderful ways in which we are quite distinct, disparate and differentiated leads us straight into the oneness. 

At the heart of our difference is our sameness. From within what we share, what is universal, we express outwards our own markings, our patterns, our own special celebration of what the divine is, going back into our specificity.  

Trusting that the divine knows what it is doing with each and every one of us, we can enjoy the great diversity of expression that exists inside the one, the incredible variety and beauty to creation. We don’t have to try to be any different than what we are, what life leads us to be. Our life doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s. Comparison fades away. 

Finding Authenticity in Individuality

Loving our individuality means practicing authenticity, by siding with ourselves and the truth of what we experience in life. Instead of always wondering what we did wrong, that we feel or think or experience things so differently than another, we could drop the expectation and requirement of sameness.

It’s quite clear that life has infinite creativity and that we are one of those unique creations, of equal value to all the rest of creation, with a place in the family of life. We are not exactly the same as anyone else in this world and we don’t have to be.  

Many of us get sidetracked into inauthenticity in our spirituality, marginalizing parts of ourselves, (such as our anger, addictions, or immaturity), comparing ourselves to others favorably or unfavorably, rejecting what we experience (or don’t experience!) because it doesn’t sound as glamorous, holy or divine as someone else’s. These self-dismissals set us up for being taken over by shadow and for spiritual bypassing.

How might we be feeling more unity consciousness, through fully embracing and honoring our uniqueness, including the highly personal ways we experience the divine’s love for us?

Unity with Freedom

I invite anyone of us dear recovering women, to explore the love that unity has for each and every one of us, expressed in our personal life streams, seeing also how we are ultimately connected in group consciousness. To hold both at once. 

Any woman has the right to more consciously contact and touch into the deep, unconditional love that divine source radiates to and through her, specifically. This specificity is a gift, a combination of qualities, a signature energy that no other woman has. Unrepeatable, infinitely cherishable, beautiful and exquisite. You are this, I am this, we all are this. 

Divine consciousness has the capacity to harmonize the full spectrum of radiance, embracing each woman and her frequency set to merge into a community of beautiful spirits, a unity that heals us internally and positively affects the environment around us. A unity which leaves specificity its freedom, and yet softly embraces and holds all.  

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