What is Health Net Insurance?

Villa Kali Ma is an in-network treatment provider for Health Net.

Health Net Insurance is a provider of health plans for people with Medicare and Medicaid. Health Net also provides affordable care insurance, small business insurance, and commercial insurance.

Does Health Net insurance cover alcohol and drug addiction treatment?

Most Health Net Insurance plans cover at least part of the cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes substance addiction treatment as one of its core health benefits required to be covered by any ACA provider, all Health Net insurance plans must cover some portion of medically necessary treatment for substance abuse disorders. How much is covered varies by plan.

What is Managed Health Network (MHM)?

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Managed Health Network (MNH) is a part of Health Net, a subsidiary that offers coverage for mental health and addiction treatment services. MNH plans can be purchased on their own or incorporated into an existing Health Net insurance plan.

MNH also offers employee assistance programs (EAPs), and other forms of assistance programs found in a business context, where employers sometimes provide mental and behavioral health services for their staff.

If you have an MHN plan through your employer or another way, you may have coverage for outpatient assessment and treatment with addiction treatment providers, and/or other levels of addiction treatment care, such as partial hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and residential treatment, also called inpatient (rehab).

The amount covered by your insurance plan varies from state to state and depends on whether the treatment provider is in or out of the network. Villa Kali Ma is an in-network treatment provider for Health Net/MHN.

Treatment cost is also affected by how long you need treatment, whether you need to stay in person for treatment or stay in your own home, and what level of care you have chosen for your insurance plan. Villa Kali Ma provides a full spectrum of services, at all levels of care.

The calculation of the final cost of addiction treatment therefore depends on several factors and will be different for everyone, depending on which rehabilitation facility you want to attend, the intensity of services required, and the specifics of your plan.

What are the different types of Health Net Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment?

The following levels of care may be covered depending on your plan and on the service provider. Keep in mind that addiction treatment will most likely involve a combination of two or more of these phases of treatment, such as following inpatient treatment with outpatient treatment, as most people require to be gradually stepped down through lesser levels of care.

Medically Supervised Detoxification

Medically-assisted detox is required whenever the degree of substance dependence and/or the specific substance in question represents a danger to your health during the withdrawal process. Medical detoxification facilities have nurses and doctors on staff who supervise your withdrawal experience and in some cases, provide medical support or medications to ensure a safe detox.

Inpatient or Residential Treatment (Rehab)

Inpatient, also called residential treatment programs are rehabilitation facilities, wherein you stay onsite to receive treatment for a predetermined length of time (usually between 1 and 3 months).

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Programs offer the full spectrum of medical and psychiatric services normally offered in residential settings, while allowing people to stay in their own residences, returning at night to their own homes.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Programs offer addiction treatment services several days a week, often also in the evenings, so that attendees have the option of living at home and, where possible, working.

Outpatient Treatment Programs (OP)

Outpatient Treatment services are for people who have completed higher levels of care and are gradually stepping down the degree of structure and intensity of treatment. OP is also sometimes assigned to people receiving treatment for the first time, who have less severe substance abuse disorders. OPs provide the least amount of structure and intensity of services.
Which level of care is right for you will be determined together with an addiction services provider, who can assess your level of need and make recommendations.

What are Health Net Insurance Coverage Levels and Plans?

Health Net coverage levels and plans will vary from state to state and person to person, so you will need to talk to Health Net to determine what degree of coverage you can expect. Most plans will cover:

  • Counseling Sessions
  • Residential inpatient (Rehab), Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and/or Outpatient (OP) services, as needed
  • Aftercare services

MNH (Managed Health Network) plans are more likely to cover substance abuse and addiction services because they include mental and behavioral health in their scope.

Some of the more common Health Net plans are:

  • Community Care HMO (Silver, Gold or Platinum)
  • Enhanced Care PPO (Minimum, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • PPO (Minimum, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • PureCare One HSP (Minimum and Bronze)
  • PureCare One EPO (Minimum, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)

Do Treatment Centers Need to be In Network With Health Net Insurance?

healthnet mental health coverageIt is more cost-effective for you if you attend an in-network provider for your addiction treatment. In-network providers are contracted with an insurance carrier to provide treatment at a fixed price, so out-of-pocket expenses will be lower.

As long as the provider is in network, it is okay to attend a rehab that is not located in your area. Health Net/MNM insurance has in-network providers of addiction services in all 50 states.

It is important to ask the rehabilitation facility you want to attend whether they are an in-network provider for Health Net/MNH. Villa Kali Ma is an in-network treatment provider for Health Net/MHN.

How to verify coverage of a Health Net Plan

Call the number on your insurance card to speak with someone to verify your coverage under Health Net/MNH. Alternatively, you can log in to Health Net’s website to see how much you might need to pay out of pocket, through co-pays or deductibles.

Be aware that there is usually a minimum amount that has to be covered first by you, before insurance kicks in (depending on your plan).

You can also speak to one of our admissions counselors at Villa Kali Ma, as we are an in-network Provider for Health Net and will be able to help you get an answer regarding how much exactly will be covered and how much your treatment should end up costing you.

Villa Kali Ma is in Network for Health Net for Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment

Villa Kali Ma is an in-network provider for people with Health Net plans. We offer mental health services and substance use treatment at all levels of care.

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