What’s So Great About Being Sober?

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What’s So Great About Being Sober.

The road to recovery looks impossibly long from the path you’re walking now. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel worth it when you consider all you’ve already endured.  

There are so many questions you’re asking yourself and we want to answer them with you. The benefits of getting sober are so real—but so is the way you’re feeling right now. There’s hope in seeing both, together, and it begins with asking the hard questions. 

Am I really going to be healthier if I’m sober? 

In short, yes. Your body isn’t functioning optimally when all your systems are inundated with processing substances that change your behavior at a cellular level. Though foods and even environmental factors can impact your health, the substances you use frequently can make your core systems dependent on the way they function with that substance. This takes away not only your control of self and harmony of your systems but reduces the level of holistic health you can achieve. 

When you’re sober, you experience the benefits of being able to hear your body’s signals and respond to them accordingly. When you’re listening to your body with your whole being, you can be the healthiest version of yourself by advocating for and participating in the care you need most. There are many ways that will benefit you- so let’s talk about some of them in detail. 

You’ll sleep better

If you’ve struggled to get sober before, you likely noticed that as you began to remove substances from your life, your sleep really paid the price. During periods of withdrawal and use, sleep is at its worst. You may experience periods of insomnia instead of the restless abyss of sleep while you’re using, but either way, the result is the same: you don’t get much deep, restorative rest.

When you’re sober, your body has the time and extra energy to calibrate the way you rest to respond to what you need. You’ll get more consecutive sleep with a more stable sleep cycle. This means you’ll benefit from the REM and light sleep periods that are often omitted from your sleep while you’re actively using. These types of sleep allow for physical and emotional healing as well as more effective memory retention. 

Your bank account will thank you 

Seriously. The amount of money you spend on obtaining the substances you use, and the impulsive purchases you may make while you’re not sober really add up. Retaining complete control of your financial decision-making will help you keep money in the bank so you can spend it on the things that make you feel empowered.

The comfort of a financial safety net after a couple of months of sobriety may even decrease your risk for returning to addiction behaviors as you are able to offer yourself more security and comfort in other ways.

The fear of getting sober is so real—and conquering fear feels amazing

Getting sober is hard work, and it’s work you’ll be returning to for the rest of your life. Whether you grapple with the early stages of recovery multiple times or you remain sober, you’ll be in recovery. It’s daunting to think about all the risks of failure, and the return to addiction once you’ve done the hard work. And more immediately, what will being sober feel like? Will it be hard? Will it hurt? Will you still have friends? 

The first step to conquering that fear is asking why—why are you afraid of these things? Then, you’ll need to rally the troops from professional to personal to garner a support system to carry you through. Consider rehabilitation programs your parachute and sobriety your skydiving adventure. Yes, it might be hard. But you can do it—and think of how incredible that adrenaline will feel when you look back at what you can overcome. 

What’s the point, if I’m going to be in recovery forever?

Feeling defeated about the fact that recovery never ends? It’s a bittersweet thought- and for many, it’s more bitter than sweet. Why work so hard on something that will be a shadow on your lived experience for the rest of your life? 

Because you’re worth it. 

That’s the simple, complex, and beautiful truth of it. You are worth the benefit, the struggle, and the eternal existence of recovery because every day that you move forward toward is one where you are telling yourself, “Look. I can do it. I’ve done it already!”. You are strong enough and you are worth it. 

staying soberRecover your clarity and confidence

Overcoming the obstacles of getting sober can be daunting, but it’s not an obstacle course you have to overcome alone. There are barriers ahead of you, and some of them may feel frustrating, scary, or even downright impossible. But we are here with the personal and professional experience to hold your hand (and your accountability) as we walk together toward your brightest most holistic future. 

You can do hard things. You can see beautiful results. We are here for you every step of the way. 

Call us today at (866) 950-0644 to get started. 

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