How does your holistic wellness measure up? [QUIZ]

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holistic wellness measure up

Whether you’re feeling out of sorts or looking for a checkup to affirm your progress toward holistic healing, this wellness quiz is just what you need! Along the road to recovery, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves and our goals but this quiz will give you a sense of where you are and what you need. 

Are you ready to explore what’s so important about holistic healing for women in recovery? Read on, and take the quiz below to plan your next steps! 

Why is holistic healing important in recovery?

holistic healing - villa kali maDuring recovery, it can be particularly easy to focus on finding your feet in one area of your life and ignore the rest. It’s a logical path, after all! You don’t want to overwhelm or over-run yourself with tasks that steal every ounce of your energy. It’s tempting to focus on one thing at a time and that approach may work for some people. But for most women in recovery, embodying a holistic approach to wellness is ideal because at no point will you be asked to shut off any part of yourself. 

Your healing will take into account the way you experience the entire world, in every moment, paying attention to each part of you. Wellness is a spectrum, just like light, and ensuring that every facet of your Self shows up in your recovery is the best way to see your most vibrant self.

Take the Quiz now! 

Consider each question. While your health is made up of many facets, you should think most about the facet the question feels connected to in your life. 

Answer each question with Yes, No, or Maybe. 

  1. Are you in tune with your intuition?
  2. Do you make time to move your body intentionally each day?
  3. Is your nutrition a balanced and thoughtful choice you make?
  4. Are you making a conscious effort to avoid and stop harmful habits?
  5. Can you harness a sense of calm during stressful times?
  6. Is your mental health something you feel good about?
  7. Do you use empowering words when you speak to yourself and others?
  8. Are you getting restful, adequate sleep most of the time?
  9. Do you feel an overall sense of attunement to the world around you?
  10. Is communication valued and respected in your relationships?

If your answers are mostly “no”

Your holistic wellness is hurting, and it’s likely that you are too! 

When one or more aspects of your holistic wellbeing take a dive, it can be difficult to determine what caused it and where you need the most support. During these times, having community spaces to find support and expert help in guiding you toward identifying those difficult places and building them up is key. Every step leads you closer to affirming growth that will help your healing bloom- and you’ve just taken the first one with this wellness quiz. 

You are doing all the right things, and it’s okay not to be okay. Use this quiz as a tool to find the next step forward in holistically reclaiming your wellness. 

If you had more than 3 “I don’t know” answers 

Uncertainty is a clear sign that you could use some guidance, but it doesn’t mean there’s trouble in your holistic paradise. Whether you’re just not sure which part of you is trying to answer the question, or there are fluctuating circumstances in your life that make it difficult to give a definitive answer, clarity is the next step to take toward wellness. 

Now is the perfect time to consider adding supporting tools to your healing spaces. If you’re already engaging in some things to improve your wellbeing, think about where you might benefit from adding something new. Things like reiki or labyrinth walking may help you shake off the fog of uncertainty to see a clearer path toward wellness ahead.

If you answered mostly “yes”

You are doing a wonderful job of keeping your holistic wellness on track! This is great, and you should be proud of yourself. Holistic wellness in recovery illustrates a commitment to your healing alongside an effort to work toward growth. 

However, when things are going well, celebration can often lead to cessation. To stay on this track toward being a wellness wonder, be sure to stay engaged with the communities and tools that help you succeed. If you’re an alumni of our program, this network of resources are available for the lifetime of your healing. When you’re doing well, showing up in these spaces acts as a beacon of hope for others who are earlier on in their own journeys. 

holistic wellness - villa kali maEvery day is a new opportunity to find the holistic wellness you’re craving, no matter where you are on your recovery journey. Thank you for taking our quiz. Keep coming back for more quizzes, tips and guidance to keep your journey an engaging and fulfilling one. 

If you or someone you know would benefit from the holistic healing environment at Villa Kali Ma to help them overcome substance use disorders and trauma, reach out today!

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