Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic Analysis is a relational, somatic – psychotherapy founded by Alexander Lowen, in 1956. Its premise is that there is no separation between mind and body. Therefore, it is a holistic approach to healing the physical, mental, and emotional issues that encompass addiction. Recent neuroscience research validates the significance of working with the body in psychotherapy, particularly for the repair of relational and/or shock trauma. Sustainable recovery necessitates that underlying traumatic issues are resolved.

During therapy somatic techniques are used to improve the client’s self-perception, self-expression, and self-possession as well as to work through chronic muscular tensions which, are indications of somatic and psychological defenses against past trauma(s). The goal of therapy is more than the absence of symptoms; it is to promote the vitality of one’s mind, body and spirit demonstrated by a deep love of life, self, and others.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy is a trauma treatment therapy that helps clients release the traumatic stress symptoms that are keeping them “stuck” in the events of the past. These symptoms are often the underlying reason the clients are seeking to self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, and/or prescription pills, as well as the cause of the co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and eating disorders.

This technique addresses the root causes of the symptoms and guides the clients gently into releasing the emotional and energetic wounds that have been held in the body due to traumatic shock or long-term chronic trauma. Many people are stuck in the primal fight-flight-freeze state due to traumatic experiences such as car accidents, violent crime, long-term emotional or physical abuse, sexual abuse or assault, and other experiences that created the ongoing symptoms of unresolved trauma.

Somatic therapy works to help the clients develop increased tolerance to the suppressed emotional energy that is trapped in the body due to the flight-flight-freeze response which has not been allowed to complete and release. This can be done without having to retell and therefore relive the experience. Somatic therapy works to help the client pass through the experience completely so that they no longer experience the symptoms of hypo arousal, dysregulation and shutdown that often happen when something stimulates the unresolved trauma memory.

Somatic therapy recognizes that a person amid disassociation is not available for “talk therapy” because they are disconnected from their body and emotions. Using the Somatic therapy technique, the therapist works to help the client stay present in their body and release the previously un-discharged energy that has been trapped in the body and brain due the unfinished trauma response.

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