Villa Kali Ma is in Network with MultiPlan for Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Needs

If you have a health insurance plan through MultiPlan which provides mental health and substance abuse treatment benefits, Villa Kali Ma is an in-network provider of those services for you.

Villa Kali Ma provides treatment for women struggling with addiction, treatment for mental health disorders, and dual diagnosis (both addiction and mental health challenges) at multiple levels of care.

Please feel free to reach out to an admissions coordinator to help look over what treatment needs may be covered by your MultiPlan health insurance.

What is MultiPlan Insurance?

multiplan insurance for addiction treatmentMultiPlan is not a direct provider of insurance, but rather a connecting entity between insurance providers and care providers. MultiPlan organizes networks of care providers, which are then used by health insurance companies. MultiPlan functions as a Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO.

MultiPlan and Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS), a subsidiary, are not responsible for determining what’s covered by your health insurance plan, or how much you will need to pay for addiction treatment or mental health treatment.

The specifics of your case are determined by the insurance company and the plan you have with that health insurance company. MultiPlan’s role is to connect you with providers that will accept the health insurance plan you have.

Your insurance card may have a MultiPlan logo on it, or else a logo for Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS). Nevertheless, MultiPlan and PHCS are not insurance companies and are not the entities in charge of how much coverage you will get. MultiPlan and PHCS are network providers. They do not provide benefits or cover medical costs.

If your health insurance card has a MultiPlan logo on it, this indicates that your health insurance provider is affiliated with the MultiPlan network. The MultiPlan network is a selection of providers that agree to offer a discount for their services in exchange for being part of the network.

If you have questions about your health insurance plan, and about whether your health insurance plan offers coverage for mental health and/or addiction treatment costs, you need to speak to your health insurance company. This company’s information should also be on your health insurance card.

What does MultiPlan PPO mean?

MultiPlan is a Preferred Provider Organization. MultiPlan is one of the biggest PPOs used by health insurance companies and providers.

MultiPlan offers plans specifically for people who need mental health services and substance use treatment. Depending on your plan, you may be able to have your mental health treatment and/or substance abuse treatment costs covered by your health insurance.

If you have MultiPlan, it is cheaper for you to receive treatment from an in-network provider. Villa Kali Ma is an in-network provider affiliated with MultiPlan, contracted to provide addiction treatment and mental health treatment.

Following the details of your plan, you may have total or partial coverage. You have some freedom to choose which mental health or addiction treatment provider you go with, but costs vary according to the treatment provider as well as your specific health insurance company and the policy you have with them.

To discuss your treatment coverage options with us, please call one of our admissions coordinators.

What is MultiPlan Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health Coverage?

MultiPlan provides some coverage for mental health treatment and dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis means a person needs both mental health treatment and treatment for a substance use disorder at the same time, where both need to be treated in parallel for the person to recover.

For example, you may have a severe anxiety disorder and also have an addiction to alcohol, drugs, and/or pharmaceuticals. In order to recover from the addiction, the anxiety disorder also has to be addressed, or you may struggle to sustain sobriety because of the pain from the mental health problem.

MultiPlan may cover the cost of education about dual diagnosis, mental health, and addiction, and may cover the costs of counseling and some forms of support for family therapy or educational programs.

What are the MultiPlan networks and policy about?

The MultiPlan network allows people with plans to access the network of providers without necessarily needing a doctor’s referral. The network provides resources for diagnostic services, emergency room visits, outpatient hospital visits, residential treatment, counseling, and substance abuse treatment. Using the MultiPlan network allows access to a variety of provider options that are pre-approved for your health insurance plan.

The Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS) network, a subsidiary of MultiPlan, is a further resource for researching among options and should help you make an informed choice.

Villa Kali Ma is an in-network provider of mental health and addiction treatment services for MultiPlan, so if you have MultiPlan you should be able to receive services with us and have all or some portion of the treatment costs covered.

What is the MultiPlan Coverage for Substance Abuse?

MultiPlan offers some plans with dedicated benefits for people who are specifically in need of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Such plans will provide extra coverage for addiction treatment services as well as for mental health disorder treatment and dual diagnosis.

There are multiple levels of care for addiction treatment, and depending on your degree of need you may be able to receive coverage through your MultiPlan insurance for:

Please keep in mind that there can be a huge variety in what will be covered by a specific plan, so you will need to speak with your health insurance company (with whom MultiPlan has contracted to give you coverage) to know exactly what is and is not covered.

You can also reach out to us to see what of our available treatment programs and options would be covered by your MultiPlan insurance.

Villa Kali Ma is in Network with MultiPlan for Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Needs

Villa Kali Ma is in Network with MultiPlanWe understand that having to figure out how to pay for addiction or mental health treatment can be scary and overwhelming. It’s hard enough as it is to reach out and get help without the bugaboo of insurance and money topics.

Villa Kali Ma is in network with MultiPlan for the provision of mental health treatment and addiction treatment services, so that means that if you have a health insurance plan contracted with MultiPlan, you should be able to receive your treatment with us and have some or all of your costs covered, depending on your plan.

To understand exactly how your coverage will work, please feel free to contact us and we will help explain what you would or wouldn’t have to pay for out of pocket. We can talk to you about treatment options we have, levels of care, and which services would be covered for you, as well as help you think of alternate forms of financial support if health insurance coverage is not complete.

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It was the best 30 days of my life.


Villa Kali Ma provides a holistic, supportive, therapeutic retreat for women to recover from trauma & substance disorders. The intensive and comprehensive approach provides a compassionate path of learning, awareness, and self-love for healing. I am grateful for the sacred space provided for my reflection, my mind-body-spirit work, and my opportunity to connect with other women in this process.


Villa Kali Ma changed my life in every single aspect. Not only did the experience help me get sober and stay sober for over a year now, but I was finally able to work on my past trauma in a safe and stable environment. Not a day goes by that I’m not using a healthy tool they taught me. I am forever grateful to the staff and strong women I spent my time with there. Truly the most profound life changing month of my life.





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